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nes comtroller iconNintendo is well-known for producing exciting games and believe it or not, it rose to fame in 1800s as the producer of gaming cards. So you could just imagine the great transition of Nintendo from gaming cards to the producer of successful video game consoles. If not for NES, gaming wouldn’t be all the same. It made console gaming a lot more worthwhile and exciting due to the NES’ specifications. 

For a clearer understanding of how NES gives you excellent game adventures, take a look at its outstanding specifications NES had 8-bits installed in it and a handful of other advanced things you can find in the 80s. Its hardware is really durable so you can definitely enjoy this video game console in the years to come. So overall, everyone could attest that the NES hardware is really durable.

When it comes to the NES controller, one can definitely say that playing NES is really user-friendly. The controller consists of a D-Pad, Start, Select, A, and B buttons. So all in all, you only have 5 buttons and you can expect to easily follow all the game instructions of the NES games. Just like the hardware, the controller is also durable so you won’t get pissed of the constant hitting of the NES buttons. - - nes games

NES also boasts of its good accessories. NES owners can very well avail of the accessories including the gun which can be used when playing Mario Bros. And the Duck Hunt. One thing you can enjoy on NES is the NES Advantage, which is also known as an arcade stick. The NES satellite is another accessory that everyone would love. This allows you to enjoy the game with your three other friends. And lastly, you can also have a Power Pad as another NES accessory. You can use this game when playing Track and Field and other related games.

And in the graphics area, it is undeniable that NES meets the standards of video game console owners. All games feature 2-dimensional sprites so you can fully enjoy its offered games such as the Metroid, Legend of Zelda, super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy and a lot more. Meanwhile, the sound of NES beats the other video game console competitors.

What more could you ask for? NES features all the exciting specifications that every video game lover would come to enjoy and love.

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